who we are

Fokal is the creation of Jonathan and Franco, two digital strategists that together have over 40 years’ experience gained in marketing, design, project management and digital production.

We run a dynamic, friendly team of highly talented and experienced digital gurus, creating unique solutions for different types of businesses.  As a full service agency we can help formulate your creative vision and turn those ideas into reality and as you will see from our testimonials,  we excel at making this a smooth, fluid process.  We are based in the UK (London) and have customer facing expertise in Sweden too!

Our work ethic and philosophy is simple and based on the values below – We like to think that this is a big factor in what distinguishes us from other digital agencies and is why every client to date has recommended us and brought us much new business.

Whether you’re just taking your first steps into a digital future, or you’re looking to grow your website, we can help.  Call us for a chat on +44 207 183 2509 or email us at hello@fokal.co.uk

what our clients say

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what our clients say

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